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Room Reservation Service

Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel
50 Nathan Rd., T.S.T., Kowloon

For detail contact Miko Cheng

Tel: +852 2315 1238
Mobile: +852 9861 8927
Email: Miko.Cheng@goldenmile.com

Rules & Regulations

In order to ensure effective management, smoothness of trade and the quality of our vendors. We have established some rules and regulations as guideline for all participant. We hope that all trade transactions are proceeded with honestly and fairness. Our rules and regulations may not possibly outline all the scenarios, in case of complaints and arguments arise and the situation is not covered in the rules and regulations. We will ensure honestly and fairness as our guidance to all incident. And we will make every effort to assist the settlement of the incident with fairness. We hope that all our participants will have a wonderful trade experience within the show.

​​How to rent a showcase?

Showcase rental is for members only. Applicant needs to talk to our staff to register and it will go through a simple approval process, once is approved, we will notify you upon available. The rental fee is HK$4,000 per showcase. Renter cannot select the showcase location, however, can give us your preferences. Each showcase is entitled to 2 vendor/helper cards with name and company name. The card will enable you to enter the show during the vendor preparation period. In order to express our appreciation to the long term participants, we have serval discount to offer. We hope that all participants not only enjoy their business experience with us and also enjoy the saving we offer.
                                                                                                                                For discount detail, please talk to our staff...

How to become member?

The application process is very simple and can be done at the show, applicant is required to provide the following:
  1. A valid photo ID (passport or ID card).
  2. Business card or company information.
  3. Have your photo taken and paid the membership annual fee HK$2,500.
All information will be verified instantaneously. New member can enjoy the early admission immediately. And the membership card will be ready for pickup on the next show.​

Room Reservation Service
BP International
8 Austin Rd., T.S.T., Kowloon

Contact Wilson Luk
Tel: +852 2378 7669
Mobile: +852 9132 1955
email: wilsonluk@bpih.com.hk

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